In the news: Facebook’s using new and faster translation methods including catching violations

30th January 2018

Translation has been one of Facebook’s most important features. As the company says: “Language translation is important to Facebook’s mission of making the world more open and connected, enabling everyone to consume posts or videos in their preferred language — all at the highest possible accuracy and speed.” Last week Facebook announced a new technique… Read more »

2017 – the year of incorrect machine translation

14th January 2018

Machine translation can be useful at times but it can also be the cause of all evils. Incorrect translation can have huge implications, not only on people and their lives but also on businesses – it can destroy a business’s reputation and credibility. Automated translation systems have no background knowledge of anything at all other… Read more »

Learning a language – a New Year’s resolution for one in five Brits

4th January 2018

Learning a language is a New Year’s resolution for about one in five Britons (21%) in 2018, according to a poll commissioned by the British Council. Amongst the 2,000 UK adults surveyed, one in five said they plan to make learning another language their New Year’s resolution. One in three intends to try and learn… Read more »

The need for effective translation for e-commerce websites

12th December 2017

The internet is the easiest to access, and biggest, source of information. By 2030 most of the world will be online. This opens tremendous opportunities for e-commerce businesses to drive sales through online channels. What it also means is that e-commerce businesses have to adapt their business models and marketing strategy to meet consumers’ expectations… Read more »

MRS Awards 2017

26th November 2017

The MRS Awards celebrate research’s ability to drive innovation, inspire change and deliver results. The Awards were created to recognise creativity, science, commerce and most importantly, research. According to an independent review by advisors PwC, the UK professional research and evidence market generates up to £3bn a year of Gross Value Added (GVA), making a… Read more »

Your multilingual pages shouldn’t be word for word translation

11th November 2017

In its recent tweet, Google Webmasters stated that multilingual pages shouldn’t be word for word translation. Some website owners believe that Google requires word for word translation when you use hreflang and make a multilingual website. That is absolutely not the case. In fact, it is best to translate the page naturally and not do… Read more »

Advancement in real time translation devices – end of language learning?

27th October 2017

Will the emerging technology of real time translation devices make language learning a thing of the past? The quality of translation software programs has greatly improved in recent years, thanks to new, fast-developing technologies. With the recent release of Google Pixel buds and advances on other real time translation devices, verbal and written communications are… Read more »

The rise of real time translation devices

14th October 2017

Most of us have found ourselves in the awkward situation of trying to communicate in a foreign language. Sometimes it’s funny but at other times it’s simply embarrassing. This has been recognised by various corporations around the world, including Google and Skype, and new devices providing real time translation have been introduced. 1. Google Pixel… Read more »

The language of colours, a hands-free speech translation device from Fujitsu and news on latest language studies.

27th September 2017

1. The bilingual brain calculates information differently depending on the language used The latest study on this subject, conducted by a team from the University of Luxembourg, found that bilingual people process maths differently when they switch between languages. They can intuitively recognise small numbers up to four; however, when calculating groups of numbers they… Read more »

Why should I choose human translation?

8th September 2017

There are hundreds of languages spoken in the world today, meaning there is a need for translation for both businesses and individuals. The advancements in technology over the past few years mean that there are different options available to get your translation completed, including machine translation. Although machine translation isn’t personal and can’t be localised,… Read more »

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