Market Research Translation

26th June 2015

Foreign Tongues Translation is the market research translation agency and annual sponsor of the Market Research Society Best Agency Awards. For many years we have been working closely with market research companies, helping them succeed in getting the results they want from foreign language speakers across the globe, by providing market research translation and market research translation support services.

Market research translation undertaken by Foreign Tongues Translation involves the translation of quantitative and qualitative surveys, online surveys, supporting documentation, as well as the translation of specialist subject matter in all sectors.

Foreign Tongues Translation specialise in market research translation, meaning all of our professional linguists have the expertise to translate your market research files efficiently, and in the format you require, leaving you time to get on with other aspects of your project.

Consumer Insight

The insight provided by effective market research translation in invaluable for businesses in today’s crowded market place. While consumer spending may have declined in one country, it will no doubt be on the rise in others. Effective market research translation can help companies spot emerging trends in other territories, and once the reasons and motivations of consumers are understood, this information can be used to promote and prepare for increased demand in a given product or service. Conversely, if a product isn’t selling well in one area, market research can be used to discover any negative brand beliefs.

Foreign Tongues’ recent market research translation projects have involved the translation of advertising concepts for a number of well known, high street brands, allowing Clients to understand their brand awareness and effectiveness in markets around the world.

If you, or your Clients, are looking to have market research translation undertaken for one of your projects, contact us now for your free, no obligation, quote.

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