Foreign Tongues have spent over 20 years developing a global network of top quality, professionally trained, interpreters. We will provide interpreters for all your business engagements such as focus groups and in-depth interviews, and will always match you with precisely the right linguist for your requirements.

Foreign Tongues can provide conference, ad hoc, and most significantly, simultaneous interpretation. Simultaneous interpretation is the term for high-speed language translation and is incredibly difficult for even the most expert and experienced linguists.

The complexity of simultaneous interpretation comes down to the need for a linguist to be able to translate, in a normal speaking voice, exactly what is being said in real time. This has been recognised as one of the most exhausting and demanding activities you could ask of the human brain

Volumes of people are able to translate between two languages well enough for interpretation, but very few of those are able to faultlessly divide between what they are hearing and what they are saying – Foreign Tongues will provide you with simultaneous interpreters for instant translation, as you need it.